A message from Tony

Hi Dave, and thank for your recent prompts delivery (and welcome bonus) of my well tied Bushy's Horrors. I though I would give you a quick report, which might interest your other customers. I have just returned from a trip to Dalgety with 5 buddies. Sadly, with an accumulated fly fishing experience of over 150 years, with a lot of it in the area we fished, we only managed to land 3 fish between us !!! having fished the Snowy on three different properties (so not over fished), the Gungarlin, down the power line trail, the Moonbah, Kalkite on two evenings (always reliable) using your Bushys, with no hint of a take!  In fact, we hardly saw any size fish at all, just mostly juveniles around 10-15 cms. Our conclusion therefore, is that system is in deep trouble and suspect that it has been over fished. We met several 4X4 campers on the way to the Gungarlin who told us they had camped on the river and fished with hardware for three days without a take! Is it time for the DPI to establish fly only, catch and release policy in certain areas of the great Snowy area?  Just a thought from a group of cranky old fishermen!    Thanks again, and I will be a return customer. Cheers, Tony

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