The Fly Shop provides Australian and New Zealand fly fishing lovers with quality flies and tailored fly packs.

Custom river and lake packs have been crafted for fly fishings finest.

The Fly Shop started as part of Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre and is now a stand alone site still holding strong connections with Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing.

We started running the Fly Shop in 1998 in Thornton, Victoria. As part of entering semi-retirement* for Dave, the Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre in Thornton was recently sold and Anthony continues to run the tour business. 

Dave and Nella are the driving force behind The Fly Shop to provide you with proven quality flies. Dave has over 25 years of guiding experience all over the world. This experience has been shared with you in these crafted fly packs and fly selection to support your success on your next fishing endeavours.

These flies and packs have been tried, tested and proven over the last twenty five years under a range of conditions to suit both Australian and the South Island of New Zealand, rivers, streams and lakes.

We have many specialty patterns not available anywhere else; with the experience and feedback from guides that are out on the water every day. As dedicated fly fishers, we only stock flies that catch fish.

The patterns on this site are not necessarily the patterns sold in other shops or championed in the books of yesteryear. They are the patterns that we guides have in our own boxes and rely on for our living. Simply put; they are flies that work.

Our fly packs have been designed for destination rivers.
Covering four seasons - Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Autumn

The Packs typically contain - Spring - 20 flies
                               - Early Summer - 30 flies
                               - Summer  - 30 flies
                               - Autumn - 20 flies

They include a sturdy lidded container for Spring and Autumn and a free fly box for Early Summer and Summer.

We hope that you choose to shop with us for all your fly fishing needs.

Happy fishing,
Dave and Nella