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This is our 20th year of operation!

An Overview of our Business

Our shop and cottage is situated on a 16 acre property laced with waterways that are stocked with trout


Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre is more than just a fly shop. It is a destination Guides and Outfitters, conceived and built to be a one-stop shop for visiting anglers needing guiding services, gear, information, flies or even somewhere to stay for the night. While this sort of business is common in places like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, it is unique in this country and something that we had always dreamed of building. 
Our shop is open 364 days a year (sometimes we close for Christmas!!) and we often open early and close late. There is nearly always someone available to open up, even we are closed (Phone 0418 995 611) and you can get flies and advice any time you are in the area. Our store is staffed by professionally accredited, full time fly fishing guides whose motivation is to help you to catch fish during your visit, rather than salespeople whose sole motivation is to get you to spend up. We have found that by looking after people, the sales come at some point and you will find our store a very relaxed place in which to restock on flies or get a mud map along with the latest information.
We run Australia's longest running drift boat operation here on the Goulburn River and boats depart for half and full days sessions; every day of the trout fishing season. We also offer beginner's lessons, tuition for those looking to improve on their existing skills and straight out guiding for those that merely need some assistance to find the best fishing on any given day. We guide and instruct literally thousands of people each year between our team of six guides and take over 100 people a year on week long trips to New Zealand's South Island, Patagonia (Argentina), British Columbia (Canada), Los Roques (Venezuela) as well as 2-3 week trips to Montana/Idaho (USA). 
Just as importantly we give information freely and we only recommend gear that we use ourselves. We won't sell you anything that you don't need or because we have an understanding with the manufacturer to push certain items. Sometimes we do not sell the gear that we personally use, simply because the Australian Recommended Retail Price is prohibitive and we feel it unfair to propagate a flawed system that leads to hyper-inflated prices. A lose:lose for retailers and customers alike. In these instances we often assist our customers to make the purchase directly from the USA when the benefits of buying locally are outweighed by the price difference.
The building itself is made of earth, stone and wood and it's design is in keeping with the ethos of fly fishing; with every attempt at being environmentally responsible, from the way we recycle our water to the aesthetic of the building blending in with the surrounding countryside. It contains a Fly Shop in the centre and two residences, one either end of the building where the owners of the business and their families live. Adjacent to the main building and also situated on the lake's edge is a beautiful two bedroom cottage, available for rent on a nightly basis. 
The property itself is comprised of 16 acres of lakes and waterways all of which are inter-connected and fed with cool, oxygen rich Goulburn River water courtesy of our solar operated pumps and water diversion licence. The shop is built right on the edge of a lake, with all north facing windows looking out over the water, with the rear deck the perfect place to spot a cruising fish or test drive some polarised glasses. The Goulburn River runs right by our back gate and offers the best fishing in the state; all less than one minute's walk from the shop/cottage.

The Shop
Once you step inside you will see a comprehensive range of flies and fly fishing gear. We carry an assortment of rods from Innovaor, SAGE and Winston, with all budgets and styles catered for. The bonus being that you can test drive a variety of rods on the lake behind the shop. That's right! On water, not on asphalt. We have demo rods/reels rigged with a range of lines from Scientific Anglers, Rio, and Teeny so that you can work out which bests suits your rod and casting style. Technical assistance is only a request away and we are available for casting lessons at any time. If you are looking for a new rod, we suggest that you drop by for a chat and a test drive.

We also carry all the regular items of gear like leaders, tippets, floatant, polarised sunglasses, fly reels, fly lines, fly boxes, gadgets, vests, hats and more. The shop is open everyday from 9am - 5pm but we will open the shop as required if you contact us on 0418 995 611.

We also carry a huge selection of flies; one of the biggest in the country. Again we point out that as guides we know which flies catch fish and which ones catch fisherman; and stock our shop with flies that catch fish! As guides we are also very particular about the quality of the ties given that we use them ourselves. Many of the flies on sale were designed by us and you can be sure that if it is for sale here that is only because we use them when out fishing or guiding. We are also coming up with new patterns on a regular basis, many of which will never see the inside of a fly fishing magazine or end up for sale on other shop's website. Most of our flies are $2.95 which makes them great value. 

The concept of the centre is something that is difficult to define in fifty words or less. Ok it is a retail centre but it is a lot more than that.
The fly fishing centre is a new concept for Victoria - in the geographic centre of the best fly streams, it provides a destination fly shop and outfitters. Here you can obtain the latest up to date information on river levels, insect hatches and where to gain access to some of the legendary stretches of the Goulburn, Rubicon, Acheron and Stevenson rivers.

The centre is also a meeting place and a departure point for further adventures on the Big, Delatite, Jamieson, Howqua and upper Goulburn rivers, all of which are only a short drive away. Our rear boundary is the magnificent Goulburn, Victoria's big, beautiful tailwater. High and cold in summer and lower and warmer in the spring/fall, it is nearly always clear. the Goulburn River runs right by our back gate, with drift boats departing on a daily basis to explore the complexity of backwaters, runs and glides the river is famed for.

The fly fishing centre is an information centre. The communal flytying bench is constantly in use as new fly patterns evolve to meet changing conditions and guides and customers alike sit down to tie a pattern or two for the day ahead. Hatch charts, fishing reports and analysis are the centre piece of our website. Here you can apply all of the information and see the best of the website in the flesh. The fly cabinets are extensive and represent every conceivable group of fly patterns.

Basic to the concept of the fly fishing centre is the website. Here you can be at the centre of the information loop, the centre of the latest reports, the centre of the action and the centre of the discussion and debate. The website is the biggest and longest running FLY-ONLY site in Australia.

Getting back to the fly fishing centre itself, we also have a fabulous lounge area and library. Come in and escape the early/late season cold in front of a roaring fire or retreat from the heat of the midday summer sun when it all gets too hard. The centre remains cool right through the January and February period thanks to it's mud brick construction and clever selection of materials and design. Come in and read a book, have a chat or just fall asleep in a comfy chair before heading back out onto the water.

All are welcome here. The Centre was not built to exclude, but rather to welcome all who either fly fish or want to learn how. Over the years it has become far more than just a retail outlet and source of information, but also a home away from home. Somewhere to relax and eat your lunch, discuss the hatches, catch up with friends or just kill an hour or two.

Stop by and see us when you are next in the area.


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