Away We Go

First trip of 2022 /2023 season.  As usual September is a bit early for hatch driven rising fish, however, a few duns and caddis were flying about actually more caddis than mayfly duns.  So what to do?   Go to the dark side of course.   Caddis pupa and being crafty and devious a double rig of nymphs hung below a bit of fluff being a legal rig of two flys in the state of Victoria.   Five feet of fluorocarbon with the pupas as the point fly and about a foot up tied to a joining knot tag, an exciter, Jig Head Pink Tag.  Rainbows were taking the pupa and Browns taking the pink tag.  All the Jig Head flies are barbless making for easy release.

A Tip :  The dropper length is possibly more important than the fly selection and the point fly should be heaver to aid casting and create less tangles. Thats two tips!  Am I loosing  it?

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