Central South Island 2020

Some days fly fishing the South Island, New Zealand,  you have to pinch yourself; 4lb Browns and Rainbows rising to dry flies in the middle of the day.   Then lift your eyes and take in the panorama in all directions, yes, pinch yourself again.  Enough of the waffle.   What was the fishing like?  It was great.   We wanted to catch Cicada feeding fish and we did around 40 fish over 10 days and most on our USA Rubber Leg Cicada.   One of my pet flies.   The Dun hatches through the day were a bit weak, however, we did manage a few fish on our grey dun pattern.   As always the weather drives the days fishing windy yes rain yes overcast yes sunny yes.   Did I mention wind and a little flooding.   This is Summer on the South Island same as ever other year.  Can't think of anywhere else I would rather be.

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