Five best flies for trout fly fishing in New Zealand

    The irony of this article is an Australian writing about the best five flies to use in New Zealand and in particular the south of the South Island.  With 20 years of guiding almost every day over the Summer months I feel these five flies will cover  the day to day situations.   These are your must have flies.

1.  Bushys Emerger Grey Dun       

Why do we choose this pattern above all other grey dun patterns?        It is a parachute tie therefore it always ends upright when presented.   The body of the fly then settles well into the meniscus to display the grey colour of the body.       The post on the fly is a barred hackle feather and gives the look of mottled Mayfly wings.     It has been the downfall for thousands of New Zealand fish.     Hook sizes to use: #10, #12, #14, #16, #18 and #20.


2.    USA Rubber Legged Cicada

We have traditionally fished Cicada patterns made entirely out of deer hair, this is now changed due to the American influence of foam rubber being used in bodies of flies to create buoyancy.   This black Cicada pattern with its white sighting post lets you see this great fly in the glare of the day.     Fished on rough or smooth water the profile is just too good for a trout to let slip by.     It also has the quality to bring up trout from the depths.        Hook sizes to use: #10, #12 and #14.


3.    Bushys Emerger Rust Dun.

This fly is tied exactly the same way and has the same characteristics as the Bushys Emerger Grey Dun the only difference being the body colour.     The rust coloured dun is almost as prevalent as grey duns.   It works well in slow flowing rivers and  also in those little tucked out of the way streams that nobody talks about.      Hook sizes to use: #10, #12, #14, #16, #18 and #20.


4.   Ultra Spent Spinner CDC Wing.

I have put this fly in our top five choices because it has been outstanding  in the last few years in Southland.    It covers the tricky part after the mating flight of the spinners when they then fall to the water spent.     We have also used it as a schuck in the morning dun hatch drift.       Hook sizes: #16 and #18.


5   Gold Tungsten Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph.

The majority of New Zealand fly fishermen would say a grey bodied Mayfly nymph is their go to fly.    This is our go to fly.    We like this because it is compact but not a fussy profile fly.    The flashback material on the fly simulates the gas bubble that the nymph uses to ascend to the surface.    It is so lifelike a trout is hard pressed to refuse it.       Hook sizes: #12, #14, #16, #18 and #20.     










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