Game Time

Melbourne fly fishers break out!!

Trout in regional Victoria are quivering with fear.    Will we all hit our pet spots all on the same day?   The answer, who knows, but cabin fever is a strong driver.    So what's next?    

Game Time Check List

1. Flys    2. Flys    3. Flys   4. Flys   5. Flys   6. Flys.

The Must Have Flys Short List:     BH Black Tungsten Flashback Pheasant Tail,  BH Gold Tungsten Green Copper John,  Busheys Emerger Grey,  Hot Creek Caddis,  Kossie Para Dunn and the list could go on.   So check your fly boxes.  To be on the safe side unroll about 50cm from your tippet spool and check if it breaks easily, if this is the case it will be sun effected and needs replacement.   We mention this as some of our country cousins has been catching surprisingly  large trout and your tippet needs to be strong.                                                   Check your waders to make sure the leak from last year has been patched.          Clean your fly line, or replace, and while your at it put on a new leader.                     Last and not least a current fishing licence and maybe some lunch.

See you on the river.







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