November Swampy Plains River Drifts

We spent a few days drifting mid November.   The river was low, a good sign for dry fly fishing.  Peter caught 11 trout all but one were browns all on dry flies.  Nella and I did not fair as well as Peter in numbers however all ours were also on dry flies.   Few fish on the evening rise however day time seemed the best.  Three days fishing and not a nymph rig in sight.  Trout were around 2Ibs.   A good feed for a cormorant and there were a few around including a large one.  There is a rumour about getting access points from the landholders along this river.   We hope this is not true as a large number of the fishing population are "take" fishermen.  This short section has historically fished well for many years due to the lack of access.  Thirty five years of catch and release by us may have help this.  Looking back through diaries shows a fairly static population even though this river has been stocked numerous times.

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