Our fly of the month for January: DR Walk

Beetle mania month has to be January and yes beetle patterns catch fish all through the other warmer months.   I think its more to do with the rivers we all fish during the Summer, the small streams like the Nariel, King Parrot, Jamieson, Cumberland, Stockmans Reward and the Howqua to name  a few.    So what's the common dominator?    Its the canopy and  shrubbery along the banks combined with shade and shadow makes its an ideal home for all beetles no matter what colour, shape or size.    Remember also the chrome-like shine on their hard cased bodies.     The other good thing is that beetles are notoriously clumsy falling from the trees and shrubs only to land in the rivers and streams we are all fishing.    Lucky for the trout and lucky for us.

Dr Walk has been around for a long time and still tricks trout as it drifts down the pool or riffle.    Its palmered tie helps it float well in all conditions.    Give it a try on your pet stream and see what comes out of the shadows to eat it.   








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