Our fly of the Month for June

What a Bugger!!

This bugger is a Shreck Bugger  and like most buggers has the same profile look about it.  The stand up hackle round the length of the hook [Parlmer Style]  gives a pulsing look as it is striped in with a slight pause during the retrieving action.  The feather tail of the fly is Marabou with an added flash of crystal green.   All this gives the elusion of life to attract the predator trout.  

With Victorian rives now closed we have been using this fly on the lakes around Victoria in early June, with success, catching Rainbows feeding close to the shore line.    A sink tip line is the best option, however,  we caught some fish on a normal floating line.  River trained fly fishers find it hard to fly fish lakes as there is no structure or bubble lines.   A tip.   Keep moving along the lake shore after a  few casts until you hit the magic spot.  

The Shreck bugger because it's  green like it's name sake.

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