Our Fly of the Month for March: Blue Wing Olive Para Hi-Vis

The Blue Wing Olive is a little known fly in our waters however our Blue Wing Olive Para Hi-Vis  is a fish catcher on the cooler autumn days and into winter.    The cooler the better for this tiny Mayfly.  

Hook sizes #18 and #20.   A #20 would be my preference fished any time of the day will interest a trout.  It's fame throughout the American trout fisheries goes back to the early 1900 and makes it a must have in their fly boxes for the cold months.  

 Autumn is the prime time on the tail waters of Australia and small slow flow streams.  The egg laying moment of this little fly is quite special as she does this underwater on the down stream edge of the river stones and then she is washed away by the current . This then makes the #18 bead head nymph, that you rarely use, come in handy during a Blue Wing Olive (BWO) event.  

You could also use her little sister although she is misnamed in our fly range as Parachute Midge Olive.  "Just a hint".

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