So Far so good

Summer as we know it in Victoria is a little different this year with rain events caused by tropical monsoons pushing south, bringing rain almost weekly. The comment what day are we going fishing next week is keeping me on my toes.

The ever faithful Goulburn River comes up triumphs again.  Fishing it yesterday with only a slight discolouration we had a great afternoon and good evening rise. The fish a mixture of browns and rainbows during the afternoon taking Miss Knobby X Hopper and small black cicadas keeping us busy.  The evening rise  #18 Bushy Grey Dun and Bushy Rust Dun got the fish to the net.   Back home about midnight with bit of a panic packing up in the dark as I could not find my phone.  Black on black on the dash.   How it got on the dash an unsolved mystery. Another great day on a favourite river.

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