Swampy Plains Drift 2018

We have just returned from a fews days drifting on the Swampy Plains river.    As usual one of the most tricky rivers to fish with a drift boat.

In past trips we have experienced high and low flows over the days fishing, however, this year we fished dropping levels throughout.

On Dave's first day he immediately encountered rising fish that were eating, of all things, stick caddis.     A hair pulling experience!     During the middle of the day things went a little quiet, and this seemed to be the pattern each day we were there.  However, late afternoon the air generally came alive with flying insects.     Huge volumes of Red Spinners in #14 and I'm pretty sure they are the spinners of the Kossie Dun .     

We caught fish on several different patterns throughout the late afternoons which are in our Swampy Plains river packs.   However, we have now also included the Cocky-bond-hu pattern.        Hardly a nymph used on the whole trip, however, one fish enjoyed our new Jig Head nymph.

We had a lovely day off and one of the results was a  3lb brown, naturally caught by Dave.

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