Trout River Open 2021- 2022

As we roll round to September and the trout season gets under way I checked back on last year and, guess what,  we were in a ring of steel lockdown in Melbourne.    Vaccines were coming and the world would be as it was.   A nice dream on my part.

Moving on, as most of us know viruses, when deprived of a host mutate -  Delta came along.   The current lockdown is showing signs of running into the opening of the trout season.

The rant is over, getting back to the now world I'm vaccinated why can't I go fishing.  Not all is lost during lockdowns.   Click and Collect at The Avenue Book Shop has saved the day; a couple of books I can recommend.   "You Don't Belong Here" by Elizabeth Becker.   It's strange but sad that history seems to keep repeating itself.   Do we not ever learn.    The other  " The Grey Men" by Ralph Hope.   Smacks of things going on here and around the world today.   Was that another rant?

Now the up side to the current situation is a name for a new fly pattern perhaps to be called The Delta Variant  and our country cousins having the rivers to themselves a big hurrah from them.    At the moment I am checking and rearranging my fly box just incase the lock down lifts.   I hope this photo gives you a lift.

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  • Dave and Nella looking forward to another good Trout season all the best of good fishing to you both.

    Norman Roy

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