When it's hot it's hot.

What do you do when the weather forecast for the day is 45º or higher, go drifting on the Goulburn of course.  The drive up from Melbourne is not a problem air con in the car, but when the doors opened and the wall of hot air slams you it does not seem such a good idea.    As you set the boat up and rig the rods the sound of the cicadas is telling you it is a good idea.   Drifting down the river for a few hundred meters we spot a platypus swimming down the bubble line that we want to fish.  What the hell, plopping the cicada on the same bubble line and a few meters of drift the fly gets nailed.  A brown 2.5lb.   Who said platypus scare the fish.  We travel further down river and spot a trout rising in a backwater.   This fish falls for a Yellow Sally.  The next fish is rising in a fast shallow run, first cast this guy nails the Yellow Sally again.   Now with a few fish landed it's time to gulp down a mugs of water and have some lunch.  Looking over to the west we notice a strange haze in the sky and realise its smoke from the NSW fires drifting into Victoria on the north wind which is building in strength.  The rest of the day we continue to find rising fish and the last fish of the day, you guest it Nella caught it, and yes it was big and yes it took a small Bushy's Grey Dun.   Nella's fish of the day just under 6lb and one hell of a fight.

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