Acheron River - Summer
Acheron River - Summer
Acheron River - Summer

Acheron River - Summer

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The Acheron Summer River selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complimentary box.

Includes fifteen patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBB Copper John Black2 #16
  • TBB Copper John Green #16
  • TBR Copper John Red Camo #18
  • TBR Copper John Red Camo #20
  • Miss Knobby X Hopper #10
  • Miss Knobby X Hopper #12
  • USA Cicada Black #12
  • Black Stimulator #12
  • CDC Termite Red Flying Ant #18
  • CDC Caddis Olive #16
  • Cockybondhu #12
  • Epoxy Buzzer Red Black #18
  • HI Vis Ant #16
  • Hot Creek Caddis #18
  • Yellow Sally #18

The Acheron River is often an overlooked trout river.  The tea coloured water holds good sized trout over its entire length and can be outstanding during the grass hopper season.

Now that Summer is full on, fishing can be quite hectic.  The nymph life is still in massive numbers and in small sizes due to larger aquatic insects liking the cooler months to hatch.

The Acheron banks are alive with grasshoppers, ants, beetles and cicadas. At this time of year your flybox will get a real workout. Some days when fishing hoppers you may use 10 flies; lost in trees, unreachable banks and fish bust offs. Most of what is going on is highly visible and fly selection is not hard.

The best time of day is all day and there is still an evening rise at dusk.  Means getting home late.

  • Best Practice Tip:   Look down now and again and you won't stand on any snakes.