Nariel River - Spring

Nariel River - Spring

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The Nariel River Spring selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies.

Includes ten patterns in quantities of 2.

  • Antchovy #10
  • TBG Pheasant Tail Flashback #14
  • TBG Green Drake #12
  • TBG Hare & Copper #16
  • TBG Copper John Green #16
  • TBB Copper John Black2 #16
  • Royal Wulff #10
  • Elk Hair Caddis Olive #12
  • Orange Stimulator #14
  • Bushys Emerger Rust #16

The Nariel is a clear stream running through farmland with rock and gravel pools. Easy fly fishing water.

The much loved Nariel has high water in Spring, however, it clears quickly.  

Striping a wet round and using an Antchovy may get you a fish.   A large variety of colours in the nymph life bring to life Hare & Copper and Green Drake patterns.

Caddis in small numbers and small Mayfly duns can raise a fish in the slower sections.   Indicator flies - Royal Wulff and Stimulators are the norm. It pays to fish each section in a thorough manner and not try to cover kilometres of water.

  • Best Practice Tip: Don't let the line belly under the rod tip or you will miss the take.