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Custom Fly Pack

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Going to a new destination and don't know what flies to choose? It may be on the list below.  This is a range of rivers and lakes from our experiences and clients requests. 

Thredbo river

Latrobe River

Otway Rivers

King Parrot Creek

Victorian Central Highland Lakes

Goulburn River Quick Fix Pack

West Australian Rivers Fly Pack

Mitta Mitta River Pack Above Dartmouth Dam

Mitta Mitta River Pack Below Dartmouth Dam 

This Custom Fly Pack list is work in progress and is a collaboration between us and our ever expanding fishing fraternity.  The price of each pack varies as you will see when you click the highlighted titles because of the number of flies per pack.    As these are special packs you will receive them in our Fly Shop complimentary fly box.

If you wish to have a particular river pack which is not listed above or in our other range of packs please feel free to call us and we can compile a pack for you.


Give Dave a call on 0417 576 746 to discuss your requirements.