Delitite River - Summer
Delitite River - Summer

Delitite River - Summer

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The Delitite River Summer selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complimentary box.

Includes fifteen patterns in quantities 2

  • TBB Copper John Green #16
  • TBB Copper John Green #18
  • TBG Pheasant Tail Flashback #16
  • Royal Wulff #14
  • Royal Stimulator #14
  • Miss Knobby X #10
  • Miss Knobby X #12
  • Mack Blowie #12
  • Cockybondhu #14
  • CDC Caddis Olive #14
  • Bushys Emerger Rust #16
  • Bushys Emerger Rust #18
  • Hot Creek Caddis #18
  • Black Foam Beetle #18
  • Guides Tag #14

Lets go, hit some pocket water on the upper reaches of the Delitite at the Mount Buller Ski Field Entrance gate. Get the 4wt rod out and rigged. Not too long a leader, 9ft will do, and light tippet and not a large sized terrestrial - say #12,#14 hook size. 

Wade into the river and cast everywhere. If you have not caught 6 fish in half an hour, change the fly to a different terrestrial.  All the trout will be small but fun to catch and then release. The bigger fish are further down the valley in the farmland.   Small clouds of caddis hover in the still pockets of air.   Fish are rising underneath them and the Hot Creek Caddis pattern comes to mind.   If a refusal happens try a CDC Olive Caddis emerger.... good fish landed.   Looking like a great days fishing.

  • Best Practice Tip:  The next rising fish could be eating something else.