Delitite River - Spring
Delitite River - Spring

Delitite River - Spring

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The Delitite River Spring selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies.

Includes ten patterns in quantities of 2

  • TG Woolly Bugger Brown #8
  • Dirty Harry Bugger #10
  • TBB Iron Maiden Wine #14
  • TBB Iron Maiden Green/Red #14
  • TBB Copper John Red #14
  • TBG CopperJohn Black2 #14
  • Orange Stimulator #10
  • Royal Wulff #10
  • Compressor Dun #12
  • Bushys Emerger Rust #10

The upper reaches of the Delitite near the entrance gate to Mount Buller Ski Field is tree covered and quite small. Its all pocket water as the spring water is coming off the ski fields. This can be too hard.  The runoff drives the fishable water to near the Merrijig Hotel.

If there is enough pool structure a long dropper with a heavy  tungsten nymph - Iron Maiden Double Bead.   Big indicator above  and good luck!   The Pub might just save the day.

  • Best Practice Tip:  Come back to this little beastie in Summer.