Goulburn River - Summer
Goulburn River - Summer
Goulburn River - Summer

Goulburn River - Summer

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The Goulburn River Summer pack has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complementary box.


Includes fifteen patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBB Copper John Black #16
  • TBG Pheasant Tail Flash Back #18
  • TBG Hare & Copper Flash Back #16
  • TBG Copper John Green #16
  • Bushys Emerger Grey #16
  • Bushys EmergerRust #16
  • Yellow Sally #20
  • Royal Stimulator #12
  • Miss Knobby X #8
  • Miss Knobby X #10
  • Miss Knobby X #12
  • Bubble Back Caddis Green #16
  • USA Cicada Black #10
  • CDC Termite Red #20 
  • Ti Tree Beetle #14

What the heck is going on. The river now well up the banks, flowing fast and too deep to wade far in from the bank. I'm going home. Bloody tailrace.  
This is the time of year on a tailrace that sorts the men from the boys. 

Better put, a tailrace river in summer sorts out the complete fly fisher. High banks along the river have developed a new style of fly fishing - ninja style.  Camo clothing, hiding in the shadows under the tree canopy, slow and deliberate movements above a sighted fish in that tight little eddy close to the bank.

Be still my beating heart. With the big flow the fish are forced to the banks, a bonus for the trout as food in plentiful. Terrestials, beetles, cicadas, ants, hoppers all dropping and plopping in the eddies under trees. Daytime caddis hatches also end up in these eddies. 

  • Best Practise Tip:  Have a drift boat trip on the Goulburn at this time of year. It's another world out there on the bloody tailrace.