Guide's Choice Fly Pack
Guide's Choice Fly Pack

Guide's Choice Fly Pack

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Going to a new destination and don't know what flies to choose. It's simple. Order one of our Guide's Choice Fly Packs and let us do the hard work for you.

Our team of guides will select your flies based on our 150+ combined years of fly fishing experience, ensuring that you are fully prepared for your trip and leaving you with more time to actually fish.

Simply choose a dollar amount (base value is $10 so just choose multiple quantities to get your value - i.e. Qty 15 to receive $150 pack) and then either phone or email us with more details about when/where you will be fishing; we do the rest.

Spend $150 or more and we will throw in a free fly box. Spend over $250 and get free express post shipping as well.

This is a special service that we devised about 15 years ago and it has been a real hit with our customers. Purchasing one of our fly packs ensures that you are armed with the correct flies to make the most of your valuable leisure time. It's like having a guide at your shoulder wherever you go!

Fly packs for any value and for any time and place can be organised and shipped the same day.