Highland Lakes Early Season - Wets

Highland Lakes Early Season - Wets

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The Highland Lakes Nymphs selection contains carefully selected, high quality hand tied flies.

Includes Three Flies each of the following:

  • Mrs Simpson wtd green #10
  • Snail #14
  • Fiery Brown Beetle #12
  • Fur Fly Olive #10
  • Brown Seals Fur Nymph #12
  • Hayes Stick Caddis #14


During the early part of the season on the Highlands the lakes can be quite high, flooding out over the grasses and bushes along the  shoreline.    This brings foraging fish into the shallow margins looking for drowned bugs.

This style of fishing is often referred to as  'fishing the tailing fish' and  can be  exciting placing flies in front of mooching fish.    They will pick up these various patterns either inert or with a twitching motion.