Jamieson River - Autumn

Jamieson River - Autumn

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The Jamieson River Autumn selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies.

Includes ten patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBG Pheasant Tail Flashback #18
  • Bubble Back Caddis Brown #18
  • Hi Vis Blue Wing Olive #18
  • Bushys Emerger Grey #18
  • Sparkle Midge Olive #20
  • Elk Hair Caddis Olive Body #16
  • USA Cicada Black #10
  • Hi Vis Para Adams #16
  • Yellow Sally #20
  • Royal Wulff #16

Autumn fishing days on the Jamieson are very short  as the sun has trouble getting high over the mountains and penetrating the tree canopy. The river is low and clear.  This is the last chance for the fish to build their body weight up before winter and the rigours of spawning.  

You may find a few early run lake fish in the lower reaches. The feeding fish are struggling for food as autumn is the shutdown time for the insect world.

Mayfly nymph are  small - #16,#18,#20 hook size, hatches of adult Blue Wing Olives - #16,#18,#20 hook size and small caddis size #18 hook.   A lucky fish may spot a black cricket floating down the river, #10 USA Cicada will do the trick. Gentlemans hours are the norm.
  • Best Practice Tip:   Long leaders work best in low water conditions.