King Parrot Summer Pack
King Parrot Summer Pack

King Parrot Summer Pack

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The King Parrot Summer pack has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complementary box.     

Includes thirteen patterns in quantities of 2 and 4.

•  Rubicon Hopper   #14

•  Miss Knobby X Hopper    #14

•  Royal Stimulator    #16

•  Orange Stimulator    #16

•  USA Cicada Back    #14

•  Bushys Emerger Grey    #18

•  Bushys Emerger Rust    #18

•  CDC Termite Red Flying Ant    #16

•  Backwater Beetle Black    #18

•  Bubble Back Caddis Green    #16

•  TBB Copper John Black    #16

•  TBB Copper John Green    #16

•  TBR Copper John Camo Red    #16


This creek runs South to North until the confluence with the Goulburn River.    The upper reaches are in forested areas.   As it travels down the valley it moves into farmland near Flowerdale.   The creek is highly suited for two and four weight fly rods.   Most of the fishing in the upper reaches are to small Mountain Trout who readily take a large range of dry flies.    The lower reaches contain larger fish which can usually be bought up to the surface on hoppers and other terrestial patterns, especially during the Summer.