Gippsland Trout Rivers Summer Pack

Gippsland Trout Rivers Summer Pack

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The Latrobe River Summer selection has been carefully selected and contains quality and tied, durable and inform flies in a complimentary box.

Includes fifteen patterns in qualities 2

•  Copper John Green GB  #16

•  Copper John Black GTB  #16

•  Copper John Red RTB  #16

•  Flashback Pheasant Tail BTB   #16

• Tact Red Assun Copper  #16

•  USA Rubber Leg Cicada Black  #12

•  Rubicon Hopper  #14

•  Miss Knobby X Hopper  #12

•  Yellow Sally #18

•  Antchovy Red Tungsten bead  #8

•  Bushys Emerger Rust  #16

•  Bushys Emerger Rust  #18

•  Bushys Emerger Grey  #18

•  Dr Walk  #14

•  Kozzie Para Dun  #12


There are many Gippsland rivers holding good numbers of trout and generally come into their own in the heat of Summer.    Usually clear.   To do well you will need a few scouting trips.

Best Practice Tips:   Bang the hoppers and cicadas around.