Mitta Mitta River Pack Below Dartmouth Dam

Mitta Mitta River Pack Below Dartmouth Dam

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The Mitta Mitta River selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies. 

Includes eleven patterns in quantities of 3

     •  Compressor Kossie Dun #10                                                                                                                       

     •  Kossie Dun #12

     •  Miss Knobby X Hopper #12

     •  Miss Knobby X Hopper #14

     •  Yellow Sally #16

     •  Hot Creek Caddis #18

     • Bushy Emerger Rust #14

     • Bushy Emerger Grey #16

     • Copper John Red Camo #14

     •  Copper John Black TBG #16

     •  Flashback pheasant tail TBB #16

   Size of rivers in Victoria vary considerably and this is a big system.  Dividing it into two parts can help a little in the  fly selection.    Below Dartmouth Dam you are fishing a tailrace and like most tailraces in Victoria and New South Wales high and low water levels vary due to hydro power generation and/ or irrigation requirements down river.   You can glean information from web sites showing flows but most levels are daily and advanced information is lacking.   Lets just say Spring can be low water, Summer can be high water and Autumn  back to low water.   This pack is a basic Spring Summer selection and could be added to considerably.   The trout in this section of the river are brown and rainbow in small to large sizes.   Large being 4lb.  Stocked fish from Lake Hume have easy access to this stretch of this river.