Nariel River - Early Summer
Nariel River - Early Summer

Nariel River - Early Summer

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The Nariel River early summer selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complimentary box.

Includes fifteen patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBG Copper John Green #16
  • TBB Copper john Black2 #16
  • Royal Wulff #12
  • Royal Stimulator #14
  • Yellow Sally #18
  • Elk Hair Caddis White #16
  • Bubble Back Caddis Green #18
  • Bushys Emerger Grey #14
  • Bushys Emerger Grey #16
  • Bushys Emerger Rust #14
  • Bushys Emerger Rust #16
  • CDC Termite Black Flying Ant #18
  • Rubicon Hopper #14
  • Kossie Dun #14
  • USA Cicada Black #14

The Nariel River is a clear stream running through farmland with rock and gravel pools with easy fly fishing water.

Now its on. The Nariel has dropped to a lower level and the hatch numbers are increasing daily. Mayfly and Caddis and even a few Stonefly, are about.

Snowflake caddis pupa are in the drift hatching through the day keeping fish looking up.  This means even if your indicator fly is not matching the hatch do not take your eyes off that indicator fly.  

Lets now turn our attention to the bottom of the river.   The Stick Caddis are active and Mayfly nymphs crawling about. Some even swimming to the surface to hatch.

Pick up a rock from a deep pool and check the colours of the nymphs.   Bet they are dark. The only subsurface bright colour are the Green Caddis pupa soon to hatch into the Snowflake Caddis flying round you.

Pays to keep an eye on the surface water all the time as there may be early season small green hoppers, small bush cicada and ants. 

  • Best Practise Tip:    Stay on the river for the evening rise. It can be awesome.