Otways Rivers Summer Pack

Otways Rivers Summer Pack

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The Otways River Summer Selection has ben carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in  complementary box.

Includes ten patterns in quantities 2


•  Rubicon Hopper  #14

•  USA Cicada Black  #14

•  Orange Stimulator  #16

•  CDC Termite Red  #20

•  Hot Creek Caddis  #20

•  Bubble Back Caddis Brown  #16

•  Adams Parachute White Post  #18

•  Bushys Emerger Rust  #18

•  Beetle Black Foam Red Sighter #16

•  Dr.Walk  #14

The Otway rivers are dotted along the Great Ocean Road and tumble out of the Otway Ranges to the Southern Ocean and are relatively short.   These small and intimate tree canopied rivers are ideal for #2 and up to #4 weight rods.  These weight rods make it the ideal tool for tight canopy fishing.   Most pools are shallow and this makes them suitable for dry fly fishing.    As you will see all hook sizes are small and suit the conditions.   To our knowledge these rivers have had little or no stocking for many years and to maintain the resource we recommend catch and release.

•  Best Practice Tip:  Have fun