Ovens River - Summer
Ovens River - Summer

Ovens River - Summer

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The Ovens River Summer selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complimentary box.

Includes ten patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBG Pheasant Tail Flashback #18
  • TBB Pheasant tail Flashback #18
  • TBB Copper John Green #18
  • TBR Copper John Red Camo #18
  • Rusty Tailrace Dun #18
  • Rusty Tailrace Dun #20
  • Rusty Spent Spinner CDC NZ #18
  • CDC Caddis Olive #18
  • Bubble Back Caddis Olive #18
  • Yellow Sally #20
  • Hot Creek Caddis #20
  • Termite Black Flying Ant #20
  • Red Tag #18
  • Miss Knobby X Hopper #14
  • Royal Humpy #16

The Ovens river is snow fed.  The headwaters are small pools and riffles while the middle reaches have long glide pools and short riffles. Fishes best in spring and summer.

Fishing the Ovens in the summer months will test your skills. Its all about water temperature. If the snow pack is large and the spring rains good the fishing will last till Christmas.  If not in this case you had better carry a thermometer.   The flow will decrease quickly and irrigation will reduce the level even further making the temperature rise substantially.  

It still amazes me how the fish know to sneak up the feeder streams almost before the main river heats up.   Early morning and late afternoon will get results. 

Your dry flies have to be small as do the nymph patterns.   Size #18 and #20 hooks.   Long leaders help if you cannot wade the pools.   It helps to stay well camouflaged.   When fishing the feeder creeks any old terrestrial will do.

  • Best Practice Tip:  Go high up the valley.