Rubicon River - Autumn

Rubicon River - Autumn

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The Rubicon Autumn Selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies

Includes ten patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBB Copper John 2 Black #18
  • TBR Copper John Red #18
  • TBB Pheasant Tail Flashback #18
  • Elk Hair Caddis Olive #16
  • Cockroach Cricket Black #8
  • Blue Wing Olive Hi Vis #20
  • Sparkle Midge Olive #20
  • Bubble Back Caddis#20
  • Elk hair Caddis Black #16
  • Royal Humpy #14

The great days of summer fishing are now fading as the chill of autumn is on the Rubicon. Light frosts and early morning fog is happening in the river valleys.

The insect world is starting to shut down. The nymphs are much smaller due to less sunlight and therefore less algae.   Small nymphs #18 and #20 hook sizes are now matching the hatch.    This is the time where little is good.   Blue Wing Olives, sizes #18, #20 and #22 are now spotted drifting the bubble lines during the day.   Fine tippet is required to thread these tiny hooks.  

The river is low as the winter rains have not arrived yet.  Long leaders are a must as the trout are spooky in the shallow water.   Good casting is not good enough, great casting is required.   Its called technical fishing.   Have fun!

  • Best Practice Tip:   Don't start fishing in the early morning. Its called gentlemans hours, 10am-4pm.