SALT WATER Basic Bonefish Pack

SALT WATER Basic Bonefish Pack

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Bucket List.   So many things to do so many places to go.   Christmas Island  should be on that list.    This small selection of the brightist of bright flies with the stand out fly being Bonefish salt water fly Crazy Charlie.    Hmm I must do this.

The Bonefish Pack selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies.

Included eight patterns in quantities of 3 Per Hook Size =36 flies

     •  Crazy Charlie  Silver  #04

     •  Crazy Charlie  Silver  #06

     •  Crazy Charlie  Pink  #04

     •  Crazy Charlie  Pink  #06

     •  Tan Charlie   Tan    #06

     •  Sili Charlie  Tan  #04

     •   Chillie Pepper Charlie  Orange  #04

     •   Chillie Pepper Charlie  Orange  #06

     •   Brown/Gold Charlie   #06

     •   Crazy Charlie  Yellow   #04

     •   Stealth Bonefish Gotcha  #04

     •   Stealth Bonefish Gotcha  #06

The pack price includes this fly box.