Tumut River - Early Summer
Tumut River - Early Summer
Tumut River - Early Summer

Tumut River - Early Summer

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The Tumut River Early Summer selection has been carefully selected and contains quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies in a complimentary box.

Includes fifteen patterns in quantities of 2

  • TBG Copper John Green #16
  • TBB Iron Maiden Green Red #16
  • TBG Copper John Red #14
  • TBB CopperJohn Black2 #16
  • CDC Caddis Olive #16
  • Kossie Dun #10
  • Miss Knobby X Hopper #14
  • Royal Stimulator #16
  • USA Cicada Black #12
  • Rusty Tailrace Dun #16
  • Bushys Emerger Grey #16
  • CDC Termite Black Flying Ant #18
  • Backwater Beetle #18
  • Yellow Sally #18
  • Macquarie Red Spinner #16

It just seems caddis love to inhabit tailraces. Large clouds of hovering caddis can be found along the Tumut. Its steep banks and meandering nature give them protection from the wind which leads to plenty of caddis pupa in the water column.  CDC Caddis Olive comes to mind. Rust and grey duns are out and about too.   Its also time for the terrestrials to get in on the act.

Cicadas, termites, ants, black beetles and hoppers start making mistakes and fall into the water.   The drift will be short as a snout pokes out and they disappear.  The constant daily change of insect events keeps you on the mark.   If not you can miss out.  Soft rising fish are usually eating emerges - mayfly and caddis.

Best Practice Tip:   Stop fishing and take a closer look.