Western Australia Rivers Fly Pack

Western Australia Rivers Fly Pack

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This pack is for a select few.   Wink wink say no more.  Try these patterns out in your pet spot and when they work you can order any single fly in any quantity you want. As we all know fly mortality is high in tight water.  The Antchovy pattern is the only streamer style in the pack.   It's a Redfin fry and is special if you get my drift.  I am sure you have plenty of Wooly Buggers  and this is the reason they are not included in the pack.

The Western Australia Rivers Fly Pack has been carefully selected and contains Quality hand tied, durable and uniform flies.

Includes fourteen patterns in Quantities of 2

•  Hot Creek Caddis      # 18

•  Bushy's  Rust             # 16

•  Madam x Hopper       # 14

•  USA Black Cicada      # 14

•  Black Foam Beetle     # 16

•  Black Foam Beetle     # 18

•  CDC Bio Back Flying Ant     # 18

•  CDC Bio Red Flying Ant       # 18

•  Stimulator Orange      # 16

•  Adams Parachute       # 18

•  Black Tungsten Flash Back Pheasant Tail   # 16

•  Gold Tungsten Black Copper John              # 16

•  Gold Tungsten  Red Copper John                 #16

•  Antchovy                      # 10